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A Walk through London's Aristocratic and Glamorous History:
"the best of..." (WEST Londra)

4-Hour Iconic London Walk

20+ Iconic Landmarks with Photo Stops


Walking Tour with Optional Public Transportation (Bus or Tube)


Private Walk

Image by Peregrine Communications


Explore London's magnificent West End through 'The Best of London' walk.

Our walk begins on the legendary Oxford Street, once an ancient street of Roman origins, now a pulsating center of London shopping.

Transitioning seamlessly, we arrive in Marylebone, a charming neighborhood known for its Sherlock Holmes Museum and delightful hidden streets. Here, we'll discover small independent local brands.

Continuing our journey, we enter Bond Street in Mayfair, an elegant destination renowned for its prestigious fashion houses and internationally renowned art galleries.

Our journey will take us to discover the wonderful Burlington Arcade, a refined jewel hidden among the streets of London. This covered shopping arcade, with its sumptuous architecture and exclusive boutiques, transports us back in time, offering a precious window into the city's history.

Continuing our walk, we'll stroll along Piccadilly Street, admiring the majestic buildings like the Ritz Hotel, and the iconic tea time destination, Fortnum & Mason. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere that permeates the air.

Thriving with activity, we reach the renowned Regent Street, a shopper's paradise with its flagship stores, iconic landmarks, and mesmerizing architecture.

Our exploration takes on a vibrant hue as we enter the Soho neighborhood, known for its bohemian atmosphere. Here, creativity, entertainment, and culinary delights come together in a unique mix.

After passing through Leicester Square and Seven Dials, our final stop takes us to the bustling heart of London's entertainment scene: Covent Garden. Surrounded by theatres, cinemas, and a lively atmosphere, this place is a point of reference for lovers of entertainment and art.

In conclusion, this fascinating walk through the streets of London is a journey steeped in history, culture, and discovery. Each stop offers a unique world to explore, with hidden treasures, exclusive boutiques, and an atmosphere that enchants the senses.

 Additional Information:

 During the walk, you will enjoy several breaks to have lunch or refresh with a cup of coffee and recharge your energy


 Throughout the tour, I will regale you with tales of fascinating anecdotes about past events, famous people, and interesting   facts and historical tidbits.


 If you cannot find a date or time that suits you for your "London Walk", please send an email to We will be happy to try to find an alternative solution or date that meets your needs.


MEETING POINT: Oxford Street, at the main Selfridges entrance

TIME: 3:00PM, or, if available, at 10AM

DURATION: 4 hours

TYPE: Walking tour

CANCELLATION: Up to 12 hours in advance

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